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What is usability and why does it matter?

19th September 2019
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The word usability gets used a lot in UX circles but what does it actually mean? I am going to give you the official definition and then explain it because it can be a bit of a head-scratcher at first.

Lift Buttons: A Usability Nightmare?

12th October 2018
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The other morning, I left my flat to find a few of my neighbours conversing by the lift.

“Oh James, maybe you can help us with this!” one said.

What dilemma could I possibly help with, you might well ask. Well, it was this one: “If we want to go down in the lift, should we press down to go down, or up to call the lift up to us?”

What ‘Good’ Looks Like in Usability Testing – Workshop Recap

25th September 2018
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How should we view the practice of usability testing? Are we ‘unruly artists’ who have the ability make up the processes as we go, or are we moving into a mature field where standardised methodologies are important? This was just one of the things Rolf Molich, a UX pioneer, discussed with our audience at our last half-day UX workshop, ‘What “Good” Looks Like in Usability Testing‘.

4 Usability Tips From ‘Don’t Make Me Think’

Steve Krug’s ‘Don’t Make Me Think’ is still one of the most respected books about web usability, nearly 20 years(!) after its original publication. Some might even argue it’s more relevant today than ever, especially given the number of sites and apps there are in the world.

Usability: It’s About Humanity, Not Technology

15th May 2018
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Today’s blog post is a classic tale of ‘toilet-lock usability and standards’.

Last week, on a commute back from London, I had cause to visit the carriage’s toilet. I stared blankly at the unfamiliar and (to my mind, unnecessarily) complex locking mechanism for a few moments before settling upon an arrangement of buttons and levers that I was confident would lock the door and ensure me a few minutes privacy. Congratulations to me.

Inclusive Design Isn’t a ‘Nice-To-Have’ – It’s a Necessity for Innovation

‘Accessibility’ doesn’t sound very sexy. At best, it feels irrelevant to many and is seen more often as a box-ticking exercise or ‘nice to have’, rather than a necessity. But that viewpoint couldn’t be more wrong.

User Perception Vs. Reality in Voice Controlled User Interfaces

Although they’ve been on the market for a while now, there was a huge push from Amazon and Google to get their ‘smart’ assistants – the Echo and Home respectively – in to our homes and lives this past Christmas, and Voice Controlled User Interfaces (VCUIs) / Conversational Agents (CAs) have been mentioned on countless blogs and sites as key trends to keep an eye on this year – including our own. The purpose of both the Amazon Echo and Google Home is to make our lives easier… but do they really?

Bunnyfoot contribute to best-selling book ‘Understanding Digital Marketing’

Dr Jon Dodd, CEO and Co-Founder of Bunnyfoot, along with Consultant and Internet of things expert James Bailey, have written 2 chapters on User Experience and the Internet of things in this Harvard University endorsed book.

Five users will find 85% of the usability problems – and other myths about usability testing

I recently had the pleasure of attending Rolf Molich’s “Five users will find 85% of the usability problems – and other myths about usability testing” talk hosted by UX Sheffield. This was part of a series of Rolf Molich talks, held in Oxford, Sheffield and London – all sponsored by Bunnyfoot.

Bunnyfoot hosts pioneer of usability for 3 talks around the UK

29th September 2016
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This week we were thrilled to have one of the founders of usability, Rolf Molich over from Denmark to speak at 2 events we sponsor; UX Oxford and UX Sheffield.

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