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Bunnyfoot airport research

As part of our Internet of Things (IoT) consultancy service we recently researched customer experiences at airports, specifically the departure journey.

In the IoT you are ultimately trying to design service solutions, and in order to do so you must start by researching the ‘contexts of use’ in which a service is experienced.

User Testing is Key to Understanding People

In 2012 we carried out research investigating the effectiveness of Google AdWords. Our previous research indicated that 41% of people tested didn’t know that Google AdWords were ads. This year Google AdWords rolled out a new design which we tested, and gained some surprising results. What is proven again and again is the importance of user testing, never just assume!

Effective mobile usability testing – the rig matters

Technology’s moving fast, isn’t it?  Too fast for natural and effective mobile usability testing solutions to be on the market for the increase in apps and mobile sites we are seeing. Taking inspiration as we go, and getting as close to natural behaviour as we can, we are building the Dream Mobile Testing Rig. This blog is about that journey and will help you to understand the pros and cons of what is out there when choosing mobile testing solutions.

There are many types of mobile usability testing rig, how do you choose?

Misleading Ads Mean Huge Budget Wastage for Leading Brands

Many leading brand advertisers could be wasting up to 90% of their online advertising budget – and causing mistrust and frustration amongst users – because of misleading adverts that make the user click-through by accident, according to new research from the team at Bunnyfoot.

In user-testing involving 60 people, we found that almost 9 out of 10 click-throughs for a leading UK brand’s pop-over advertisement (rich media adverts that appear in the browser, over the main content) were made by mistake because the ‘close’ button was so difficult to find. The brand in question has claimed a 20% click-through rate for the campaign, but our research suggests a more believable 2% success rate.

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