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Understanding and adapting to personality types

14th October 2014
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Understanding what people do, as well as how and why they behave a certain way, is at the heart of what Bunnyfoot does. Part of this is understanding different personality types and the different stimulus that suit these. 

Test and learn trend continues into 2014

Looking at trends for this year can be done with guidance from developments made last year. Econsultancy have recently predicted a number of digital trends for 2014, including a greater focus on experimentation and agility.

Observing behaviour in the wild – how do customers really act?

Usability testing within a lab environment (such as the Bunnyfoot testing labs) is an incredibly valuable way to see if your website or product is providing your customers with the best experience possible. But what would you give to see how customers interact with what you have to offer when in their own environment? Sometimes it’s important to get out there and do some good old fashioned field research.

Designing for uncertainty: How do you visualise human nature?

In this blog Bunnyfoot consultant Steph Marsh describes her involvement in a participatory design workshop which aimed to find effective ways of analysing and visiualising large amounts of data:

I recently had an opportunity to assist in a user-centred design workshop with a group of academics in the early stages of a long-term research project. They’re looking at effective ways of analysing and visualising (graphically represent) data about populations and their emotions.

How are people engaging with the ‘First Social Olympic Games’?

Olympics logo and socail media iconsLondon 2012 has been touted as the first ‘Social Games’. Social media is an important part of the BBC’s broadcasting and LOCOG’s engagement strategy – but how are people actually using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and online

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