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How To Optimise Your Online Registration Process

23rd May 2018 - This post has 1 comment
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Registering for a site or service is often, to put it frankly, a tedious and boring task. But although it’s not the ‘sexiest’ part of an interface, the registration process is a crucial element of any digital product, and can even be a determining factor in whether the user will actually continue to use the service… or not.

Get your registration forms right and you’ll increase sign-ups, conversion rates and user satisfaction – do them badly and it’s likely you’ll see bounce rates skyrocketing.

Empty states: why they are important

What is an empty state?

You may be wondering what an empty state is. I’m sure, at least once in your life, you have found yourself seeing a blank screen with no data and no guidance, not knowing what to do next.

Top tips for running Accessibility Testing

9th March 2017
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There are around 12 million of us with disabilities in the UK, amounting to 19% of the population. With almost 1 in 5 people having access needs and the majority of them having acquired their disability later in life (Disability facts and figures, 2016), you would think that all products are designed with accessibility in mind. But this is far from reality.

Practical Empathy: A valuable method for idea generation

28th October 2016 - This post has 1 comment
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As UX experts, we often come across projects where we are asked to evaluate an existing idea or design. For these projects we check whether the product or service works well for the customers, perhaps through an evaluation or usability testing.

The Technology Expo 2015: Highlights and Takeaways

30th October 2015
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We recently attended the Technology Expo 2015 at Vinopolis, London. The Expo aims to showcase emerging technologies and focuseses on Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR & AR) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

CHI Conference 2015, South Korea

29th May 2015
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We were really excited to attend the CHI 2015 conference in South Korea, in April. The conference took place in CEOX, an incredible venue, in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

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