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What is UX?

1st July 2019
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Do you work in UX and struggle to explain what you do to your friends and family? Or have you heard this term somewhere and are now trying to work it out what it means? Hopefully this post will help!

Lift Buttons: A Usability Nightmare?

12th October 2018
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The other morning, I left my flat to find a few of my neighbours conversing by the lift.

“Oh James, maybe you can help us with this!” one said.

What dilemma could I possibly help with, you might well ask. Well, it was this one: “If we want to go down in the lift, should we press down to go down, or up to call the lift up to us?”

Inclusive Design Isn’t a ‘Nice-To-Have’ – It’s a Necessity for Innovation

‘Accessibility’ doesn’t sound very sexy. At best, it feels irrelevant to many and is seen more often as a box-ticking exercise or ‘nice to have’, rather than a necessity. But that viewpoint couldn’t be more wrong.

How Human-Centred Design could improve politics

As those of us in the UX world know, it’s quite common to watch people struggle to use a site, then subsequently say how easy to use it was – which is why it’s important to observe what people do, not what they say. People tell you what they want in order to achieve the desired response. Could this also apply to political polls?

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