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Caroline Jarrett – Guest speaking at UX Oxford

14th May 2012
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“How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb? …Only one, but the light bulb has to want to change”
– Why do the most serious usability problems we uncover often go unfixed? – A how-to for experienced and advanced practitioners.

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What is the talk about?

As a profession, one of our most important motivations is that we want products to get better. But even when our recommendations are welcomed and apparently highly valued, they often aren’t acted upon—especially, it seems, when the problems involved are serious.

Jon Dodd speaks at Loyalty World Russia

8th May 2012
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Jon Dodd, CEO and Co-Founder of Bunnyfoot, will be speaking at Loyalty World, Russia on May 16th at 13:00 as part of our continued efforts to promote the creation of engaging customer experiences across the world.

For more information and to register for your ticket, see the Loyalty World website

Legislation.gov.uk scoops Public Sector Digital Award

27th January 2012
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Legislation.gov.uk scoops Public Sector Digital Award

Legislation.gov.uk scoops Public Sector Digital Award

After much anticipation, we are proud to announce that The National Archives have won the Best example of ICT-enabled innovation and enterprise at the Public Sector Digital Awards for their work on legislation.gov.uk

Rebecca Gill and Mark Pierce from Bunnyfoot joined the team from The National Archives and The Stationery Office to receive the award at London’s prestigious Guildhall. The award celebrates those who set best practice standards for how ICT can be used to introduce new services, new business models and new ways of reaching out to citizens.

Understanding the value of usability – UPA event on the ROI of UX

21st July 2011
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Bunnyfoot are sponsoring tonight’s event on the return on investment from usability.

For us, it has always been a challenge to accurately quantify and communicate the value of ROI amongst the many marketing activities that surround it. We would love to increase the appreciation of the value of user centred design within the marketing community, amongst our own clients and their internal stakeholders. UX is seen as a recent addition to the product development life cycle, but we are looking to prove that it is by far the most vital step in bringing any product or service to market.

Boden share their experiences of international user centred design with a live Q&A

The work we have done with Boden is a shining example of how user centred design is a key tool designing an integrated marketing message across all communications. It encompassed the entire journey through catalogue and email, right through to the website checkout design and prototypes for the mobile web. They have come away with a deep understanding of how different cultures shop online, how language can make a key difference in persuading people to buy and how design can move people seamlessly through a journey to the checkout. Boden are currently making their way through our prioritised recommendations for improvements, based on their key audience insight, and testing each change as they go.

Boden and Bunnyfoot work together to take customer experience to the next level across European and US markets

Boden the international fashion retailer is to enhance online customer experience by gaining insights from watching the real behaviour of its customers whilst they use the current Boden site and also some new innovative prototypes.

Vote Nick for UPA UK Liaison role

22nd November 2010
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Our very own Nick Antram is up for election for the UPA’s UK Liaison role and we need your votes to make him your champion before 12th December, 2010!

The UK Usability Professionals Association (UK UPA) has been a source of Bunnyfoot discussion for a long time. There is so much potential when you are part of it to learn, network and grow but we have long felt that it seems more of the London UPA than actually UK spread. We have always tried in ourselves to avoid the London bias by opening offices across the UK, so maybe we are just more sensitive to this than most. We were thrilled when after many discussions about how we could help, a UK liaison role opened to spread the UPA outside London. We jumped at the chance to be part of it as we feel it will bring massive benefit not just to professionals, but all those interested in bringing a great experience to their customers across the UK.

World Usability Day comes to Edinburgh

28th September 2010
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Can school children create better communication products?

World Usability Day, dedicated to raising awareness about making our world work better, will this year focus on ‘Communications’. Events will run across the globe on the 11th November 2010 to raise awareness about making our life easier and more user friendly.

The Countdown to the Care Challenge is on!

7th July 2010
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  1. Bunnies (if you count Peregrin, or more like if Peregrin includes us!)
  2. hours (half that if you run, according to last year’s winners. Gulp)
  3. individual fundraising activities planned (mmmm, bake sale)
  4. weeks to go (that’s <strong>£375 a week</strong> needed to hit target)
  5. corporate sponsorships needed (get your name on our tshirts for £50!)
  6. more than 20 miles to cover (that’s a marathon!)
  7. hundred pounds raised so far (help!)
  8. th September (not long now)
  9. activities to conquer (hiking, biking and canoeing)
  10. thousand pounds per office target (we only need 3k to enter, but we want to raise more!)
  11. day to do it all in
  12. chance of backing out now

Bunnyfoot win Oxford Innovation Award

Dr Jon Dodd and Rob Stevens were proud to have their hard work rewarded after beating off stiff competition in the Oxford Innovation Awards.

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