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Bunnytalk: Guest speaker Jo Packer talks UX for startups

6th February 2013
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Minimum Viable Research – Lean startup

In this Bunnytalk Jo Packer gave us a fascinating insight into how UX can be implemented within startup businesses. She shared with us her own experiences of integrating user testing into the design process at Songkick, a startup which is now the second-largest live music site after Live Nation with over 5 million users worldwide.

Bunnyfoot’s Aaron Young talks to BBC News on the demise of ‘hated’ Captcha verification system

31st January 2013
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Ticketmaster has announced that they are to scrap the much loathed Captcha verification system which requires customers to decipher a jumble of hard-to-read letters in order to prove they are human.  The system is designed to prevent  bots from trawling for tickets but has become one of the biggest irritants for fans. As these robots have become more sophisticated, Captcha has had to become more advanced in order to stay effective. But in the process, it has become more difficult for humans to understand.

As Aaron told BBC News:

“It is generally speaking, one of the most hated pieces of user interaction on the web. The major problem with them is that it’s not unusual for several attempts to be needed. So when people see them again on different websites they have negative expectations.”

Bunnytalk: Minimum Viable Research – Jo Packer from Songkick

17th January 2013
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The lean start-up world talks a lot about customer development, which is all about “getting out of the building” and getting feedback from real customers, whereas the UCD-world talks about user research – understanding your users to inform your design. In this talk Jo will tell you how she brought fast and cheap user research tools into Songkick which are now part of the regular product development process, and how she learned to make user research and lean start-up speak the same language.

Getting feedback from real people doesn’t have to be intimidating or take forever, and you’ll see how what you learn will impact your business. Jo will tell you what tools & practices she has adapted for a fast-paced, unforgiving start-up environment.

Songkick is the second-largest live music site after Live Nation. Every month, millions of users find concerts on Songkick across web, iOS, Android, and our Spotify app. Songkick’s partners include YouTube, BBC, and Deezer, and our investors include Sequoia Capital and Index Ventures.

Bunnytalk: Frank Rose on storytelling in the digital age

On 24 May, we at Bunnyfoot were lucky enough to sit down with one of the most influential technology writers around for a fascinating Q & A session.  Frank Rose, contributing editor for Wired magazine, and bestselling author of ‘West of Eden’ and ‘The Art of Immersion’, shared his views on how digital media is changing the way stories are told – and how brands need to adapt along with it. He also touched on how this all ties in to user experience.

To set the scene: the London evening was balmy, the venue full with digital media professionals, and Bunnyfoot’s own Aaron Young was ready to ask a barrage of questions.

Rory Sutherland shares user experience tips at Bunnyfoot’s JUICE 2012

28th June 2012
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Ensuring a flawless online customer experience is a pretty big deal to us at Bunnyfoot. On 14 June 2012, we hosted an event for our clients to highlight this message while looking at the online experience across all channels.

The theme of the day: Joined Up Interactive Customer Experiences (JUICE).

Jon Dodd, CEO of Bunnyfoot

On hand to help our cause was outspoken and inspiring Rory Sutherland Vice Chairman of Ogilvy Group.

JUICE 2012

13th June 2012
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Ensuring a flawless online customer experience is a pretty big deal to us at Bunnyfoot. On 14 June 2012, we hosted an event for our clients to highlight this message while looking at the online experience across all channels as new ways to access the internet continue to develop. Read our blog and watch the videos.

About the event

Concentration on user experience is vital for success in the digital world, and Bunnyfoot has been leading the way for over a decade. As the market has matured and digital technology has become ubiquitous, distinguishing between channels and thinking of “users” is no longer appropriate. We need to focus our efforts on Joined Up Interactive Customer Experiences (JUICE).

To stimulate discussion we have inspiration from the award-winning comedian Tom Wrigglesworth (BBC4 “Open Letters” series); Jamie Seedhouse, Digital Strategy Manager at Europe’s largest home improvement retailer – Kingfisher; Sarah Blair Gould, eCommerce Manager of international retailer Boden and the world’s most influential ad man and Vice Chairman of Ogilvy – Rory Sutherland.

Caroline Jarrett – Guest speaking at UX Oxford

14th May 2012
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talking about:

“How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb? …Only one, but the light bulb has to want to change”
– Why do the most serious usability problems we uncover often go unfixed? – A how-to for experienced and advanced practitioners.

Get your free ticket – Register now at eventbrite

What is the talk about?

As a profession, one of our most important motivations is that we want products to get better. But even when our recommendations are welcomed and apparently highly valued, they often aren’t acted upon—especially, it seems, when the problems involved are serious.

Jon Dodd speaks at Loyalty World Russia

8th May 2012
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Jon Dodd, CEO and Co-Founder of Bunnyfoot, will be speaking at Loyalty World, Russia on May 16th at 13:00 as part of our continued efforts to promote the creation of engaging customer experiences across the world.

For more information and to register for your ticket, see the Loyalty World website

Legislation.gov.uk scoops Public Sector Digital Award

27th January 2012
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Legislation.gov.uk scoops Public Sector Digital Award

Legislation.gov.uk scoops Public Sector Digital Award

After much anticipation, we are proud to announce that The National Archives have won the Best example of ICT-enabled innovation and enterprise at the Public Sector Digital Awards for their work on legislation.gov.uk

Rebecca Gill and Mark Pierce from Bunnyfoot joined the team from The National Archives and The Stationery Office to receive the award at London’s prestigious Guildhall. The award celebrates those who set best practice standards for how ICT can be used to introduce new services, new business models and new ways of reaching out to citizens.

Understanding the value of usability – UPA event on the ROI of UX

21st July 2011
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Bunnyfoot are sponsoring tonight’s event on the return on investment from usability.

For us, it has always been a challenge to accurately quantify and communicate the value of ROI amongst the many marketing activities that surround it. We would love to increase the appreciation of the value of user centred design within the marketing community, amongst our own clients and their internal stakeholders. UX is seen as a recent addition to the product development life cycle, but we are looking to prove that it is by far the most vital step in bringing any product or service to market.

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