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Axure Vs. Sketch: What, Why and When

This is a short(ish) blog that aims to respond to the increased use of Sketch (a software design/prototyping tool) by our clients. I’ll look at some of the more significant differences between Sketch and Axure (a similar prototyping tool), how they fit into our user-centred design (UCD) practice and what we recommend our clients use to upskill their teams and streamline their product pipelines.

Usability: It’s About Humanity, Not Technology

15th May 2018
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Today’s blog post is a classic tale of ‘toilet-lock usability and standards’.

Last week, on a commute back from London, I had cause to visit the carriage’s toilet. I stared blankly at the unfamiliar and (to my mind, unnecessarily) complex locking mechanism for a few moments before settling upon an arrangement of buttons and levers that I was confident would lock the door and ensure me a few minutes privacy. Congratulations to me.

The 11th Usability Heuristic

22nd March 2016
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You may know the 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design; they’re nearly 20 years old and still a powerful toolkit for thinking about user experience design.

Acrylic Nails vs. Touch Screens

When considering accessibility issues of a website, rarely have the problems with acrylic nails crossed our minds.

Today we ran a lab test where a woman struggled to use her tablet due to her long nails (she uses a stylus at home).

A stark reminder to anticipate ALL the potential environmental conditions of test participants. We now have “styli” on hand in all of our labs.

Sometimes, the best interaction design, is NO interaction design

1st May 2014
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Recent user testing of a client website demonstrated an issue with a tricksy form control. We redesigned it to our satisfaction BUT in an epiphanous moment we asked if this control was necessary at all?

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