Siemens: Card sorting and user testing

Siemens: An Intranet Overhaul Based on User Research Findings

The Siemens Enterprise Communications intranet is a communications hub for Siemens’ employees across the world, with a variety of business functions. It’s a powerful place to share information and resources and, as such, needed to be clear and intuitive with valuable content for all.

What Siemens Enterprise Communications Wanted

  • single, unified company intranet across geographic regions and business units
  • Content that was relevant and valuable for employees to grow the business
  • An intuitive structure, based on how employees want to use the site
  • Immediate improvements as well as ideas for future direction

What Bunnyfoot Delivered

  • A new, annotated information architecture based on a content review of the current intranet, an online card sort with employees in the UK, US and Germany and telephone and face-to-face interviews
  • Annotated wireframes of key pages and user journeys to support a quick implementation of the researched design
  • Universally valuable content that employees needed to support the growth of the business
  • A prioritised set of actions that supported quick changes that would make a big difference as well as the future direction of the intranet to support a long-term plan for change

The Work

The Siemens Enterprise Communications intranet had grown organically for years. It had become huge and unruly as each country developed their own systems to manage and present content. After Bunnyfoot’s success at solving a similar issue on the website, we were brought in to create a new unified structure where vital information and resources could be shared globally in a way that Siemens Enterprise Communications employees could intuitively navigate.

With a content review of the current intranet, Bunnyfoot set up an online card sort to find out how employees categorised information. With 155 responses, we drilled down further by interviewing employees in the UK, US and Germany about their wants, needs and desires for the Siemens Enterprise Communications intranet. This all fed into a radically different user-centric information architecture and wireframes for key pages and user journeys.

Our recommendations were radical, but needed to be so. As such, the changes to the intranet are being rolled out slowly in phases. Bunnyfoot had been able to prioritise the most important information and reflected this in the annotated information architecture. The wireframes and user journeys have set a global template for the consistent look and feel of new pages as each phase is rolled out.

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