OXFAM: Improving Usability and Persuasiveness of the MyOxfam App

OXFAM: Improving Usability and Persuasiveness of the MyOxfam App

Oxfam is one of the UK’s largest charities, operating in over 94 countries, and helping 15 million people every year.

Oxfam were seeking to add an all-new level of transparency and control to the experience of their supporters, through their ‘My Oxfam’ app. The app would offer each user a gift-controller dial, as well as a timeline of stories, notifications about emergency appeals and a full Gift History. Bunnyfoot conducted usability testing sessions with users on the ‘My Oxfam’ app to provide Oxfam with the insights and recommendations needed to further develop the app before launch.

What Oxfam Wanted

  • To discover whether potential users, both existing Oxfam supporters and others, found the proposition of the app compelling
  • To ensure that users could navigate, unprompted, seamlessly through the multiple journeys provided in the app
  • To identify any issues that caused difficulties for supporters when completing the core user journeys, as well as to improve any aspects of the app that lacked clarity, simplicity or user enjoyment

What Bunnyfoot Delivered

  • Recruited 10 participants including current and potential Oxfam donors, who do a range of one-off and regular donations, ranging in age and a mixture of iOS and Android handsets.
  • Conducted 10, 1 hour, face to face usability testing sessions on mobile devices, investigating the core offerings of the app to understand real users’ reactions, thoughts and understanding of the ‘My Oxfam’ at the early stages of its development.
  • Created video montages of the usability testing sessions, providing evidence to support the main findings (good and bad) within the usability report.
  • A full, actionable report with an executive summary, analysis of data, feedback and prioritised action-based recommendations.
  • Presented the findings to the Oxfam team, stakeholders and developer agency (Hi Mum Said Dad), giving everyone involved an opportunity to share their thoughts and ask any outstanding questions.

Testing included looking at the user journey – from ‘home’ screen to the app

The Results

  • The usability testing sessions identified that the overall concept of the ‘My Oxfam’ app was positively received (scoring an impressive SUS of 80, which is between ‘Good’ and ‘Excellent’)
  • The app reflected well on the Oxfam brand; Oxfam was seen as keeping up to date with technology that was relevant to their audience
  • One of the issues identified within the round of research was users’ reactions to the push notification requests; many closed the requests without much consideration. This was a fundamental functionality issue of the app, as it relied heavily on the acceptance of push notifications to prompt users into giving and provide updates of their donations
  • Participants appreciated the ability to modify (dial-up or down) their donation amounts depending on their financial situation. It was considered a flexible and user centred approach as it considered the needs of the donors as well as the needs of the charity
  • Bunnyfoot were able to assist and steer Oxfam wherever users found parts of the app unclear or ambiguous. For example, whether or not a gift was donated to a specific appeal or was unrestricted, as well as clarity on what it meant to be a registered user of the app

The report contained actionable outputs from the mobile user testing sessions

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