Oxfam: Increasing Conversion Rates

Oxfam: Increasing Conversions on Key Website Pages

Oxfam is one of the UK’s largest charities; working toward a world without poverty throughout 94 countries. Their work touches 15 million people each year as they provide food, water, healthcare, education as well as emergency support services across the globe.

What Oxfam Wanted

  • A donations page designed to encourage action and increase donations
  • A more effective and efficient information architecture (IA) for the e-commerce website based on customer behavioural research
  • An improved customer checkout process
  • Support at each stage of website development via regular prototype testing

What Bunnyfoot Delivered

  • Extensive one-on-one full site user testing for a period of 8 weeks
  • A more cohesive information architecture for the website
  • Recruited a readily available participant pool of 600 people who suited Oxfam’s specific needs
  • Actionable insights including issues with checkout instructions, confusing error messages, unclear delivery costs and difficulty editing purchases – giving Oxfam actionable areas for further improvement

The final design of Oxfam’s donation page resulted in a 15% increase in conversions

The Work

Oxfam’s charitable work relies heavily upon patron contributions. As more supporters move to the internet as a way to engage with Oxfam the website required improvements in order to increase conversion and secure donations.

  • To ensure a fundamental understanding of usability we conducted a behavioural economics and social psychology workshop with Oxfam
  • The workshop contained a collaborative and comprehensive analysis of the current Oxfam website resulting in the identification of several potential opportunities to influence visitor behaviour
  • In order to develop a truly user-centric website, Bunnyfoot provided ongoing support throughout each stage of Oxfam’s website development via rapid feedback and continuous usability and content testing of website prototypes. This regular consumer feedback allowed Oxfam to create user-driven content and implement effective changes throughout every stage of development
  • One-on-one research with Oxfam consumers to better understand how they interact and categorize Oxfam products
  • Through the user testing sessions, we uncovered several user experience issues such as trouble with checkout instructions, confusing error messages, unclear delivery costs and trouble editing purchases
  • Bunnyfoot supported the improvement of the website’s information architecture by conducting research focused on understanding how consumers navigate through Oxfam’s products and content. We did this by running one-on-one card sorting exercises. During this research participants are given a stack of randomly-sorted cards, each labelled with specific content or product images, and asked to organize them into categories that make sense to them

The Results

  • 37% increase in conversion rates on the landing page
  • 15% increase in conversion rates on the donation form
  • A marked increase in both frequency and monetary amount of direct debit donations

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