easyJet: Product Redesign

easyJet: Changing the Way They Communicate with Customers to Improve The Airport Experiences

easyJet is Europe’s leading airline, carrying over 80 million people a year. The easyJet website handles over one million visits every day and is a core aspect of their business strategy. As part of easyJet’s open and upfront promise, they wanted Bunnyfoot to help them redesign how they communicate flight information with their customers.

What easyJet Wanted

  • To make it easy for customers to access clear, accurate flight status information
  • To understand the most effective way of providing live information to keep customers up-to-date during any disruptions
  • An information tool which was entirely customer-focused and easy to use

What Bunnyfoot Delivered

  • Insight into why, how and when passengers use the flight tracker to assist with the development of the flight tracker and future projects
  • A totally redesigned, touch-optimised flight tracker based on usability best practice, established airport design patterns and passenger feedback
  • An innovative method of delivering information that mirrored customers’ real-life experiences on a digital platform

The Work

As part of easyJet’s promise to be open and upfront, it was imperative that passengers would be able access the flight information they needed, whenever they needed it.

  • Bunnyfoot conducted an evaluation on the existing flight tracker to develop a full understanding of the features, functionality and current implementation of the tool
  • Utilising guerrilla-style user testing with multiple design ideas, we quickly understood that the traditional flight departure board conveyed information the most effectively
  • We used well-established design principles to create an online representation of the real-life departure board which also explained the cause of any problems regarding delays

The Results

  • product redesign that mirrored customers’ real-life experiences of the departures and arrival board on an online platform
  • A product that delivered the essential basics, as well as providing reasons for any delays and options for rebooking
  • Positive customer feedback – proven to be useful at the point when customers most needed vital flight information

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