Why do UX Testing?

Usability testing is a core part of the user centred design process, but why is it so important?


Here are our top 10 reasons to do usability testing:

  1. Cut through opinions by observing actual users’ behaviour as they interact with your products or services.
  2. Save money and time by testing early in your development process; you don’t need to have invested a lot in a prototype to be able to do usability testing that will enable you to identify vital improvements and avoid costly service failures later on.
  3. Observe whether users can complete specific tasks, and where they run into difficulties.
  4. Understand how satisfied users are with your product or service.
  5. Find out how much time it takes for users to complete specific tasks, in order to highlight opportunities to make your user journeys more efficient.
  6. Get insight by testing with actual users to understand their needs, don’t rely on your assumptions! Research is only as good as the participants used. Looking to recruit the right participants for your UX testing? Bunnyfield, our expert fieldwork recruiters, can help.
  7. Make informed design decisions and push back on requests from stakeholders by demonstrating what delivers true value for users.
  8. Protect your brand’s reputation by providing the best possible service for your users and ensuring excellent service performance from the point of launch onwards.
  9. Understand and meet user needs to create sustainable value for your organisation and your users.
  10. Show your users that you care about them by engaging them in your development process, which will help to build loyalty and advocacy.

At Bunnyfoot we’re trusted by some of the UK’s biggest brands to run hundreds of usability testing sessions each year; whether from our dedicated usability labs in London and Sheffield, at our clients’ offices, or in users’ homes. Our expert hosts and moderators ensure everything runs smoothly and most importantly, you get the insight you need to move forward.

Got a testing project in mind? Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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