Lift Buttons: A Usability Nightmare?

12th October 2018
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The other morning, I left my flat to find a few of my neighbours conversing by the lift.

“Oh James, maybe you can help us with this!” one said.

What dilemma could I possibly help with, you might well ask. Well, it was this one: “If we want to go down in the lift, should we press down to go down, or up to call the lift up to us?”

I was amazed that not only one person could be so clueless about something so simple, but FOUR intelligent people (including at least one PhD!) genuinely didn’t know the answer to such a seemingly obvious question.

A usability nightmare?

I’ve since realised that a sizeable minority (I’d guess about 30%) of people in my block of flats don’t know which button to press either: “Oh, is it going up?” “Of course it’s going up, you pressed the [expletive] ‘Up’ button!”, I don’t say. What I actually say is, “Yes”.

Lift buttons: a complicated thing. Who knew? I guess that’s why it’s always important to test things, even when it seems obvious…

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