What “Good” Looks Like in Usability Testing: Rolf Molich is headlining our next workshop!

13th August 2018
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Have you performed usability testing on your website, app or service? If not, then you should! And if you have, how do you know the tests you’ve performed will provide insightful, actionable results?

In our fourth quarterly workshop, UX guru Rolf Molich (owner, DialogDesign) will discuss what good, objective usability testing “looks like”, using results from CUE-10. Rolf is one of the pioneers of usability: he is Vice President of the UX Qualification Board, which develops and maintains the CPUX-certification, and is the co-inventor of the heuristic evaluation method (with Jakob Nielsen). Needless to say, we’re thrilled he’s on board.

Rolf’s talk will be followed by a UX clinic, where our team of expert consultants will show attendees how to run a test on their own sites.

Throughout the day, we’ll help you understand:

  • The critical issues of moderation
  • What good moderation practice is
  • Common moderation errors, and how to avoid them
  • How moderation techniques influence the reported issues and insights
  • The different approaches to testing
  • How to know if you’re getting the best ROI from testing


We’re sure this interactive, half-day workshop will not only be insightful but will also be a great opportunity to network with others who want to improve their customer/user experience.

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch!

Rolf Molich will also be speaking about Ethical Dilemmas in User Experience at the next UX Sheffield, which Bunnyfoot is sponsoring. Get your ticket here!

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