The difference between chat bots and voice user interfaces

1st September 2017
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A conversational interface is a user interface that mimics having a conversation with a human. There are two types: chatbots, and voice user interfaces (or voice assistants).

Here’s a quick breakdown of the two:

 ChatbotsVoice UIs
Input modeWrittenSpoken
Broad domainPersonal assistants, agents, general searchAlexa, Google Now, Siri, Cortana, Google Home...
Specific domainTrouble shooting, ordering products, managing accountsBilling information, automated menus, telephone banking
ConversationWithin convention, textual understandingSpoken convention, speech recognition
TechnologyImplies keyboardPhone, computer, fridge, watch, thermostat, car...


When designing for a conversational interface, it’s important to remember you’re still dealing with a user interface, just not a visual one, so UX principles should still be applied.

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