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21st July 2017
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Presented by Bunnyfoot CEO, Dr Jon Dodd and UX Consultant, Dr Pete Underwood, This year’s sold out summer workshop was on the topic of UX Strategy.

The room was packed with about 80 people from some of the UK’s biggest brands, all actively participating which created a rewarding afternoon for all involved.

What the workshop covered

In 2 sessions over 3 hours, the group covered the following topics:

  • What is UX Strategy? Defining it and understanding how it fits within customer experience
  • The benefits to creating a UX strategy
  • A framework for creating your own UX strategy
  • Is your company ready?

The second part of the day, the audience teamed up in groups to discuss the following topics:

  • How to build a UX-led culture
  • Business metrics vs. customer metrics
  • How does a UX strategy and a product road map differ?
  • Should a UX strategy be created in isolation and imposed?

We run 4 of these events each year, if you want to attend our next free workshop, drop us an email and we pop you on the invite list

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