Leap day charity event

I don’t know if you realised this, but we have a free day this year! Yes, 1 free day. How would you spend it? Let’s be honest, you’d probably just go to work.

At Bunnyfoot, we decided to donate the extra day to charity so we got in touch with some exceptionally brilliant charities that make a difference to our world but are just not big enough to provide the super slick websites that established charities can.

Story highlights:

  • 3 charities selected as they were local and small (could do with our help)
  • £25,000 donation in UX consultancy
  • Interactive prototypes
  • User testing with eye tracking videos; 10 tests: 5 live site + 5 prototype
  • Takeaway package including research, user testing eye tracking videos and complete website designs to super strengthen donation performance
  • People still write cheques
  • Warm fuzzy feelings for all


Which charities?

  • St John’s Hospice (London): an independent charity providing specialised palliative care to more than 3,000 terminally-ill patients and their families a year
  • Helen & Douglas House (Oxford): funded almost entirely on donations, they care for terminally ill children, young adults and their families through exceptional hospice care
  • Helen’s Trust (Sheffield): helping terminally ill people stay in their homes


We picked these guys as they were close to home (literally and personally) but our work would have a bigger impact on improving their digital strategy and donation strength. For smaller charities, UX consultancy is not something you can afford even if it will create a better experience for users. It’s a tough position to be in.


Heidi Hawkins, Chief Executive of Helen’s Trust said: “We are completely buzzing after our insightful and productive time with Bunnyfoot today. The team really understood our ambitions, audiences and they were sensitive to the challenges we face as a small charity. We are so thankful for their time and expertise and very grateful to have been chosen as one of their charities in their leap day charity day.”



Katherine France, Fundraising Manager of St John’s Hospice said, “We were thrilled to be chosen by Bunnyfoot for their leap year charity day. Being given this completely bespoke expert consultancy will help to improve the quality of our website and donation pages. The advice gained from this day will invaluable to our small team and I would like to thank Bunnyfoot for choosing to take care of our digital user experience.”

What did we do exactly?

Evaluate it!
We started the morning with the team running an expert evaluation of the existing site, focusing on the donation and fundraising sections. This allowed us to identify low hanging fruit and how we could get the biggest wins for the charity

Design it!
Armed with loads of sweets, we split into teams and started to develop prototype designs both in the form of an interactive clickable designs and on paper.

Test it!
We had Bunnyfield recruit a great bunch of participants who would be representative of the charities real supporters. We carried out 10 one on one sessions to ensure the designs we were creating worked with users, iterating our designs on the fly.

Following this we came together as a group and presented back the main findings and recommendations for moving forward to our respective charities. We also supplied them with all of the designs we had created and video’s of the user testing sessions that we recorded through the day.

The day was full. Fast paced and very enriching for us and our charities.



Ben Ulph, Fundraising support coordinator of Helen and Douglas House said, “Helen & Douglas House are hugely grateful to Bunnyfoot for the time and expertise they have shared with us during their leap day charity activities – the knowledge and insights we will take away will be enormously valuable to us as we move forward with developing our new website and digital strategy”


Thanks to Ben, Katherine and Heidi. We’re pretty happy about the work too.

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