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The UK’s leading UX consultancy since 1999. We are psychologists, researchers, interaction designers, usability experts and customer experience specialists. Our work covers web, software, mobile, print, apps, service design – and more.

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We help our clients deliver positive, profitable and superior experiences – online and off – by applying user-centred design (UCD) methods alongside a framework for incorporating usability and persuasive and emotional design.

UX Strategy and Planning

Create an evidence-based UX strategy for your products/services.

Get a consensus on your value proposition, validate and improve it, discover “what good looks like”, and plan the way forward.

Customer / User Research

To deliver excellent experiences, you need to understand your customers. This can only be done through research.

We conduct effective user/customer research to uncover the true behaviours of your customer base – delivering insights you can act on.

Experience and Service Design

A full set of UCD services to take you from initial concept all the way to launch. This includes customer research, modelling, information architecture, interaction design and prototyping – with integrated customer testing at each stage.

UX / Usability Testing

A focus on evidence, not opinions.

We test real people, while they perform real tasks. We observe what they actually do, then we analyse the results (the evidence) and make actionable recommendations.

UX Consultancy

The work we do is always objective, informed and actionable.

Our expert consultancy services include usability/UX evaluations, persuasion and emotion evaluations, design thinking, competitor benchmarking and accessibility audits.

Supporting Your UX Team

We can also provide your team with support throughout a UX-focused project. We can do this through UX training, research studio hire and participant recruitment, lab-builds and mentoring.


Bunnyfoot drew on their in-depth knowledge of customers within our sector to challenge us with better solutions. Their style mirrors our own: can do, delivery-focused and not a Frappuccino in sight!

James Millet, Head of Digital



rise in mobile traffic and 43% rise in tablet traffic



increase in conversions during the online booking process


4.73 billion

pageviews for the official London 2012 Olympic site



increase in conversions on the landing page and 15% increase in conversions through the donation form


We want to thank Bunnyfoot for the subtitle research. It was really coherent, has generated a lot of interest and provided teams with the start of some solid research from which to start incrementally improving how we deliver subtitles within our Media Player.

Henry Swan, Senior Accessibility Specialist

Some of Our people

Aimée Windsor Brown

Aimée is experienced in a variety of user centred design techniques including heuristic analysis, depth interviews, user testing, creating IAs, wireframing and prototyping. She is passionate about immersing herself in and understanding each client’s world, and working collaboratively to create solutions that meet the needs of businesses and their users.

More about Aimée

Juliet Rowley

Senior Consultant

Creativity, collaboration... and perhaps a cat.


Cathy Carr


Running for cupcakes...


Dr Pete Underwood

Senior Consultant

Loves music, dogs and vintage Port...


Dr Rebecca Gill


Grows prize-winning veg and loves diving, zoology and travelling...


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