Why did you click?

Why click on the picture of a kid when you are looking for UX services?

For every one or two conscious reasons to click on this kid's picture, your brain's 'under-the-hood', unconscious processes analysed and acted on a dozen more.

Conscious rational reasoning is rarely the full story, rarely the driver of action.

We, as a species, rather ambitiously suppose that we are 'reasonable', that we have the brain power to consciously understand, evaluate and act upon the information we encounter.

In actual fact, rationale is only the tip of the cogitation iceberg. Conscious thoughts and decisions are the product of subconscious machinations. Think of your consciousness as the press office, which reveals only the sanitised and spin doctored version of the conversations and decisions already made in the subconscious corridors of power.

For example, when you saw the kid, some part of your brain was calculating the following: Is it a threat? Is it sick? What is happening to its head? Does it have stuff I want? Do I know this kid? Could this kid be a member of my tribe? Am I sufficiently invested in this kid to offer it my protection? ...plus  a load more nonsensical things that are so easily dismissed it's not worth mentioning…

But you see, if the answers to some of these questions are sufficiently ambiguous, sufficiently intriguing, they may get acted upon subconsciously and maybe even get sent up to the press office (read consciousness) for a more critical scrutiny.

Why we chose the kid

 One of the reasons why we chose the picture of this kid is that he grabs your unconscious attention, another is that the incongruity with a serious UX consultancy site (see our competitors for comparison - yawn) potentially peeks into your consciousness and makes you think (we want you to think about us, we want you to remember us as that consultancy with the funny name with the kid on the homepage).

no secret; we tested it and this one won

There are several more reasons why we chose the kid but rather than be over self congratulatory at our cleverness the critical factor in the kid making the homepage was that we tested it on our clients and potential clients and it worked the best (several candidate pictures didn’t make the grade despite them being initially top of the list).

what now?

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