Celebrate the Stars 3rd Birthday!!

Is it really 3 years since the Villages got together to Save the Seven Stars? Certainly doesn’t seem that long ago…and yet it seems that Matt and the team have been there forever…in a good way of course!

As you will have seen from Matt and Charlie’s various emails, the Pub celebrates its 3rd Birthday on Friday April 1st (no – its not an April Fool!) and I know many of you have booked in for an evening of fun and frolics.

For those of you unable to join in the Festivities on Friday we hope you will take time out to visit the pub over the coming couple of weeks…its only with your support that it can continue to be such a success.

For those of you that have not been so regular over the last couple of months you will find that the work continues to keep the pub in tip top shape and able to welcome everyone in a warm and friendly manner…

  • All of the inside has been repainted in colours that I am reliably informed are “Card Room Green” on the woodwork and “Stoney Ground” on the walls…thats way above my pay grade I’m afraid!!
  • And outside all of the rendering has been removed and is being reapplied and repainted…a nice fresh face for summer!
  • In addition to this we have a full schedule of ongoing maintenance to ensure that the fabric of the building is maintained in tip top condition.

So…I hope you will be able to visit the pub and raise a glass to its ongoing success…3 years is a real milestone…lets hope for many more!

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