Seven Stars Customer Survey and AGM Minutes

Hello Everyone,

Hopefully this will get to you before the round of serious summer holidays start!!

Seven Stars Customer Survey

We have had lots of participants making some very excellent points on the strengths and areas for development in the pub. We would like to have one last push in order to garner the largest spectrum of views that we can and therefore I have attached the link again here – Seven Stars Customer Survey.

We will close the survey on 14th August.

AGM Minutes

Thanks again to all those who attended the AGM on 10th July. The minutes can be accessed here: 2015 AGM Minutes or on the website.

And thank you to all those who have replied to the email I sent on your interest payment. The number of people wishing to roll their interest into further shares has been very encouraging and we thank you for that. For those of you who haven’t received a mail its probably gone into your spam or junk mail…please could you drop me a mail on and I will send again.

Enjoy the summer!!


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